Whether you are job seeker or a renter, background checks will most likely be conducted on you.  Have you failed a background check and don’t understand why? Or maybe, you are worried about having a background check performed on you and failing.

Below are a few reasons for failing a background check and how to not fail a check again.

Related Criminal Conviction

An employer is able to refuse a candidate on the basis of a criminal conviction only if the wrongdoing is related to the position you are applying for. A conviction in itself may not necessary inhibit you from being hired.

For renters, a criminal conviction is dependent on the home owner’s thoughts of safety and the integrity of their home.

Top-Security Clearance

An area where criminal convictions do prevent you from being hired (in an instant really) is if you have a conviction and are applying for a positions that requires high security clearance.  This may happen because of critical offense or unlawful activity related to addition, sex offenses, cyber-crime or mental health issues.

Poor Credit History

Financial companies and positions involving monetary responsibilities will often require a full credit report.  In some cases, a credit report result will differ from a credit score.  It is possible for a person to fail one or both. How do you avoid failing?  It’s simple; make your payments on time.

Homeowners will most likely want to run this type of report to ensure that bills and rent will be paid on time and not bounce. 

And Credit Score

Employers, who perform credit checks and find you have a poor credit score, could refuse to hire you, especially if it’s a role related to money or a company in the finance industry. 

A poor credit score complete with full credit check may reveal reasons for the failed check, such as a divorce, an error in your youth, or a family member passing away.  These special situations do get taken into consideration.

Reason for Leaving

For employment history checks, employers may ask why you left a company.  In the case where dishonourable discharge aka you were let go or fired, an employer could see this as a character flaw and refuse to hire you.  In most cases, dishonourable discharge happens with financial or security positions, but it can happen with other positions at any company for that matter.

For tenant verification checks, homeowners will be looking for reasons why you left your last home.  Did you leave willingly or were you essentially kicked out?  This could impact your chances at renting your dream home.

How to avoid failure on these checks? Integrity, easy.

Incorrect History

Did you forget all of your employment history, especially the dates?  Or maybe you missed a year you attended university or college.  If you have misrepresented these details on your resume, your employment background check and/or education check will fail.  It’s important to be as accurate as possible on your resume, and ensure you are honest with hiring managers and interviewers.