Employees are invaluable assets to your company. The potential of competent professionals blends collectively take your organization ahead on the path of success.

But wait! Your corporate expectations from employees can receive a jolt even if one person with misaligned credentials gets into your rolls. Morale of others would receive a blow and inefficiency would start creeping in to compromise the system. Instead of getting caught unawares at a later date, it is prudent that you get in touch with background check companies to ascertain the prospective employee’s credentials.

How Does a Background Check Work?

Experts in this domain scrutinize the details of prospects at great length. Apart from details furnished in the resume, background check experts would also launch an investigation into the criminal track record, credit record, and other such relevant aspects. You can be rest assured that the employee impaneled would be screened from all possible angles. Just sit back and see your business grow.

What Kinds of Checks Are Carried Out?

Canada is a vast nation. Experts in this domain have widespread network encompassing the entire country. These leads are activated upon receiving a check request to understand the compatibility of the prospect with your organization.

Criminal Record Checking

Shortlisted candidate’s complicity in any crime is probed. This is important to keep your organization’s reputation unsullied and also to protect the interests of all stakeholders. Criminal background check Canada is carried out in compliance with Privacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Information legislation. If the candidate has committed some crime under a proxy name, the same would be sought out through the insertion of aliases in federal criminal record search option.

Identity Verification

The candidate chosen by you may have revealed his real identity for some ulterior purpose. Experts would cross verify and authenticate the info provided by the candidate by going through all relevant name, address, employment and alias information available in public domain.

Employment Track Record Verification

Your potential employee may have left his previous organization for a dubious reason. But, your HR may have been provided with a different reason for the switchover.  Experts from background check companies would access the payroll of previous companies directly after seeking due consent from HR to seek out the exact reason. The last position held, performance, the reason for the resignation, track record, and other pertinent details would be presented for your perusal.

Academic Verification

You cannot be sure of the honesty of a selected candidate. He/ she may have furnished counterfeit certificates just to grab the lucrative post in your company. Experts would establish contact with educational institutions listed in candidate’s resume to learn about the integrity of candidate’s academic qualifications.

Checking of References

The references provided by the candidate for endorsing his/ her professional and other capabilities may not be genuine. Possibilities are there that the letter of reference furnished has been fabricated, with the original reference remaining in the dark. With reference checks, you can trace out such shady candidates and get the records audited for accurate results.

Credit Record Verification

Poor credit record is indicative of irresponsibility on the part of the candidate. Experts would help you unearth instances when the candidate may have been indicted by Canada’s County courts. Bankruptcy or other financial pressures would also be made light of.

Why Pose Your Trust on Background Check Companies?

It is sensible to spend a few bucks to make yourself aware of the history of the applicant. Background Check is important, especially because it provides an idea about the history of the candidate and keeps you away from future problems.