As a hiring manager, you would have certain criteria to shortlist the best talent from available resources, but you may not have the right expertise to carry out a thorough background check of every hired employee to ensure that the person/s you hire does not have a criminal record.

After all the effort you put in to advertise, interview and hire a new a promising candidate, it would be a rude shock if he/she turned out to be a rival’s informant or a criminal who steals co-workers’ private information. To save yourself from hiring a criminal or an individual with a dubious past it is advisable to select a background check firm that understands specific needs of your business and can complete the work within shortest possible time.

While there are several websites that allow criminal background check online for a small fee, the information is not always accurate and you may lose a good hire due to false details. To select the right criminal background check service provider you need to keep the following things in mind –

1. Firm’s reputation

Ensure that the firm you hire follows legal requirements while obtaining the information you need and has an unsullied reputation so that your organization does not have to face lawsuits for breach of privacy. Ideally, a firm should also give you records of how and when the information required by you was obtained.

2. Price

If you are looking only for specific criminal background checks, then make sure that the price you are paying covers those details and you are not charged for unwanted information. It is best to gather information on the local and national level about potential employees with the background check firm to have details that may be expensive but are relevant to the firm.

3. Information format and turnaround time

In today’s world where almost every individual has a digital footprint, it is not difficult to gather personal information online. So, utilize the services or a background check firm that can send you updated information in an online format instead of wasting time on written reports.

You would not want a good hire to lose interest while your background check firm is taking an inordinately long time to send you an all-clear report, would you? So be specific about the turnaround time to avoid disappointment and wastage of time and money.

4. Industry-specific Background Check

Though potential candidates provide referrals and companies check with past employers about behavior with colleagues and superiors etc., which provides sufficient information, sometimes industry-specific information is needed. Service industries like healthcare and hospitality where employees have to be on their best behavior under every circumstance and cannot afford to make mistakes, standard criminal records check online will not suffice. To have the results you expect, talk to the service provider if it would be able to carry out all the screenings required by your business.

5. Always work with an accredited agency

To ensure that you are on the right side of the law while carrying out a background check on potential employees, always employ an accredited agency that is a member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners. These agencies have clear set of policies and processes as mandated by Background Screening Credentialing council hence can legally access information related to individual’s background.

Does this process of selecting the right background check service firm sound intimidating? Believe us when we say that finding a candidate with a clean reputation is as much a relief for us at VerificationsCanada as it is for you. Because everyone loves a happy ending.