The Pros: When it comes to hiring a potential new employee, pre-employment background checks are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have. There have been many cases of candidates making false claims on job applications and resumes or even attempts to cover up a criminal past.  Approximately, 22% of employment background checks performed by VerificationsCanada discover discrepancies.

It is statistics like the one above that make pre-employment background checks a necessity in the hiring process.  Below are reasons why these background checks are important.

Quality Hiring

Most organizations that adopt pre-employment background checks into their hiring process will see an increase in candidate quality.  When applicants understand that hiring is taken seriously, organizations set the standard in terms of the quality candidates they want to employ, which means:

1) Fewer candidates with severe discrepancies
2) Less applicants trying to hide the truth
3) Increased applications from candidates who value a safe working environment
4) Increased quality of new hires due to an enhanced applicant selections process

Safer Working Environment

Organizations have a moral and legal obligation to offer a safe working environment to all employees.  This is why it’s important to screen all potential new hires to omit any candidates involved in serious criminal activity, such as substance abuse, theft, reckless behaviour, or other dangerous activity.  A pre-employment background check ensures your workplace is safe and secure.

Increased Trust in HR

There is a cost associated with employee dishonest, and it can be not only monetary but a loss in potential business, employees, and trust in the organization.

Pre-employment background checks provide insight into prior history of any candidate and can identify the probability of future performance.  Through intelligent use of the information gained from background checks, organizations hire the right people and establish fair and honest employment standards.

The Right People the First Time

By conducting pre-employment background checks and implementing them into a hiring process, employers have the ability to pinpoint the right hire the first time and spend less time and money rehiring.  Information obtained from background checks coupled with an impressive resume makes every candidate a competent employee that builds a reputable and capable workforce.

Win Win Organizations

The bottom line is that pre-employment background checks help a company become more successful. If organizations have a workforce that is pre-screened for dishonest and unsafe activities, hire the right people and build a strong, able-bodied workforce, and provide a safe working environment, companies will be known as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and have the means to deliver amazing experiences to their customers.