Confidence in Your Employee's Work Ethic

We understand that every potential employee that you consider to include into your team must be capable of perfomring the daily responsibilities required of the job, fit into the company culture and be a solid worker that delivers amazing results.

With VerificationsCanada's Reference Checks, we are able to verify your candidate's previous job performance and provide you a sneak peak on their personal qualities. All of our Reference Checks are performed in a professional manner with a simple process that is uncomplicated for our clients and the organizations providing the Reference.

Reference Checks are an essential service offered by VerificationsCanada for our business clients. We ask the questions to determine if our client has the right candidate in their HR process. We ask questions that are factual, aligned with the job title, salary or hourly wage, employment dates, job responsibilites, and culture fit. Our completed and verified Reference Checks give our clients an opportunity to get a sense of the candidate' performance on the job and a sneak peek into their personal qualities.

Once all information has been entered into VerificationsCanada's online portal, a questionnaire will be sent to each reference to be completed. You will receive the report and evidence of your potential employee's job performance and recommendations based on other like-minded business professionals.

How to Get Your Reference Check Online

Step 1

Fill Out all basic

Step 2

Provide 3 references
with name, email and
phone number

Step 3

Sign document sign
technology with
signature matching
photo ID

Have your candidate's References checked within 48 hours